Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Refund Policy

Application fees only are refunded in full post settlement is appliable Application fees are refunded if the loan is not approved less $100 out of pocket expenses & cost of processing Application fees are refunded if the security is unacceptable or does not meet valuation expectations less cost of valuation and $100 out of pocket expenses & cost of processing Application fees are not refunded if the application is approved and does not settle

Costs not covered point of origination:

Cost of the first valuation above $300.00 and all subsequent valuations. Some valuations are not subsidized at all e.g. Plus, Flex, commercial, SMSF, NRAS, NDIS, discounted & non conforming loan applications. Mortgage insurance Outgoing mortgagees discharge fees Fixed rate break costs Settlement, establishment & risk fees Penalty interest when contracts for a purchase where exchanged were exchanged prior to date of signed Mortgage Street’s application form. Government fees Legal costs PEXA charges


Rate review A full rate review assessment is a precondition to obtaining current offers & free Cost of updating interest rates, internet banking & preserving commissions: $100 per split

Interest only Interest only extensions attract a $300 special attendance fee per split

Partial discharges Partial discharges are complex, expensive, slow & very time consuming Partial discharges attract a $300 fee plus valuations at cost

Cross collateralisation of securities We do not recommend unless it assists customers in obtaining an approval.

Internal refinances

Are permitted & supported Terms