Relocation Home Loan

Relocation home loan

Making moving home much easier & stress free also know as bridging home loans

About Relocation Home Loans

Ideal for borrowers that are considering the sale and purchase of another property for upsizing or downsizing objectives. Most mature mortgage brokers will be able to guide you through the process & paperwork requirements.

Moving house is something most Australians will do a number of times in their lives. When they take out a home loan for 30 years, it’s not often they will live in that home for the same amount of time. That is why a relocation home loan can be a great idea. Relocation loans are a smart move for people going places who need regular repayment schedules, zero refinancing costs and the ability to adjust to changing times. Whether you are relocating your house, moving home loans or just moving home, seasoned mortgage brokers understand customers expect convenience and savings. they can provide plans that are individually tailored and ready for approval, taking some stress away from moving house.

Bridging loans are very handy, saving interest whilst reducing the stress associated by buying & selling within a short period of time. Your seasoned mortgage broker can help with capitalising short term interest too.

Types of relocation home loans

Variable rate home loans

  If you seek flexibility rather than a guaranteed rate, a variable mortgage rate that is generally lower & follows the market may be right for you

Fixed rate home loans

  If you need set repayments up to 5 years to assist in budgeting at any given fixing opportunity

Construction loans – Fixed price building contract

  In order to keep repayments as low as possible during construction, our loans only require variable rate interest only repayments for the 1st 12 months. Best to engage the services of a trusted mortgage broker for direction & safety.

Split loans

  A split loan lets you make part of your fixed and the other half, variable.  Consider fixing the vacant land portion & taking a variable portion for the construction portion.

What is the process of relocating a Loan?

One of the great things about relocating mortgages is that there can be a lot less paperwork involved, especially when you compare it to applying for a totally new home loan. When you are looking for a new property, with the dream of moving house, it is important to know, as closely as you can, how much money you have available. That can help you narrow down, or even expand, your property search options. Your trusted mortgage broker will provide you with a smooth process when it comes to the relocation of a home loan, and even give you pre-approval so you can begin your search in earnest or start relocating your house as soon as possible. If you have lived in your current home for several years, continue to earn an income and have a good credit rating, then Mortgage Street has a range of relocating mortgages available for you to apply for immediately. The equity in your current home can go a long way to help you moving home loans, as it can be used to set up your borrowing power. If that sounds like you, and you have questions about how to move a loan from one house to another, then professional mortgage brokers can help. Our relocating mortgages can even help you put down a deposit on a new home and organise the balance once your current home sells whist capitalising interest if required.

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